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MINUTES OF VMC MEETING – 06-03-2018 AT 10.00 Hours









Principal accorded a warm welcome to Air Cmde Amar Ahuja AOC Air Force Station, Avadi and Chairman VMC KV AFS Avadi and all other distinguished VMC Members.




Review of previous meeting held on 14.12.2017


a.Safety certificate of building


b.Special repairs to the Vidyalaya building.


c.Special repairs to the Staff Quarters


d. Roof treatment for secondary block and staff quarters


Construction of compound wall with concertina coil











e. Payment of arrears of

Rs. 7, 41,950 to MES for enhanced charges of electricity.


f. Mock drill under disaster preparedness.


g.Letter to newly recruited TGT Science who was on long leave






a.MES had asked details of the work done by them in KV AFS Avadi in the last 5 years.

On 14.12.2017 a letter was sent to MES informing about the works undertaken by them in the last 5 years. One more letter was sent on 2.2.2018.


b. Estimates were received in the last week of February 2018. Annexure I is sent to GE MES for signature.


c. Estimates yet to be received from MES.






 d. Letters have been forwarded to The Technical Officer, KVS Hqrs, New Delhi for early sanction of funds for both the works.

Letters are also sent to DC KVS RO Chennai with a request to take up the matter with Hqrs.








Principal said that it would take a few months after sanction of funds by the KVS Hqrs to construct the wall, and since the VVN amount available was very low could Chairman help in tiding over the problem.

e. Principal informed that letters have been sent to KVS RO Chennai for sanction of funds.





f. Gp Captain Senthil Kumar was requested to assist the Vidyalaya in giving a mock drill for disaster preparedness in the month of April 18.


g. Smt. Suman Bhardwaj, newly recruited TGT Science was on leave from 30.10.2017 .A letter was sent to her, asking her to join duty. She has replied that there was discrepancy in zone allotment and she would not be able to join till it is rectified. This letter has been forwarded to the DC KVS RO Chennai.

a. Chairman asked the Principal to give a certificate  that for the last 5 years all the structural repairs in the Vidyalaya has been undertaken only by MES.

He asked CAdmo to liaison with the Chief Engineer MES to permit GE to issue a safety certificate for the Vidyalaya building and see that the issue regarding safety certificate is solved immediately.

b. & c.   Chairman asked Principal to depute a staff to look after all the works related with MES so that there will be continuity in the proceedings.

d. Chairman asked to give top priority to the construction of the compound wall.

He said that a letter may be written to DC KVS RO Chennai as well as to KVS Hqrs for immediate sanction of funds for construction of the compound wall. Apart from being unsafe for the students it was also projecting a poor image of the KV.

He asked GE MES to cover the gaps in the compound wall both on the front side as well as the wall adjoining KV Staff Quarters on a priority basis.


e. GE informed that a copy of the letter may be marked to the Chief Engineer MES, as non-payment may result in cutting of the electricity supply.


f. Group captain Senthil Kumar agreed to the proposal.


g. Chairman said that steps may be taken to see that the students do not suffer for want of a Science teacher.


Enhanced Electricity charges

Principal informed that the commercial rate of electricity was being charged for KV AFS Avadi @ Rs.13.85 per unit. The amount paid towards electricity per month from December 2017 onwards was RS. 40,000 approximately which was much on the higher side.


Principal explained about the approximate income and expenditure of every quarter (3 months)

Total fee collection per quarter = Rs.24,15,442


The approximate breakup of expenditure per quarter (3 months) :




Expenditure per quarter (approx)



Salary for part time teachers (3 months)



Outsourcing (3 months)

(House-keeping, Security, Gardening)



 Salary for 2 computer instructors (3 months)



Internet and computer consumables (AMC, Toner, Cartridge etc.)



Examination, Co-curricular activities, day to day maintenance

 Rs 45,442 (approx) available for 3 months.


Total expenditure


Chairman told GE, MES that the commercial rate of electricity cannot be charged for KVs as well as Air-force school as they were educational institutions.

He asked Principal to find out the tariffs of TNEB.


The Chairman expressed his concern about the financial position of the Vidyalaya.

He asked Gp Cpt Senthil to draft a letter to DC and KVS Hqrs to bring out the acute shortage of funds in the KV.




Dates of Session Ending Examination (SEE)

SEE for Classes III to V

12-03-2018 to 18-03-2018

SEE for the classes VI-IX and XI

03-03-2018 to 21-03-2018

Declaration of results


CBSE Examination

CBSE Exam for class XII

05-03-2018 to 02-04-2018

CBSE Exam for class X

06-03-2018 to 02-04-2018


Re-test for students of class VI-IX & XI

06-04-2018 to 13-04-2018

Declaration of results of Re-Test


Promotion policy

“No Detention Policy”

classes III to VIII

However Re-Test will be conducted for students with “E” grade in SEE

Classes VI to VIII

Students have to score 33% in each subject to be declared as having passed




Class IX

Students failing in a max. of 2 of the 5 subjects are placed in compartment

Students have to score 33% in each subject to pass.




Class XI

Students failing in 1 of the 5 subjects of  shall be placed in compartment examination

Chairman conveyed his best wishes to the students facing the Board exam.



Admissions to Class I

Dates for On line registration

From 1st March 2018 to 19th March 2018.


Date for Declaration of selected list and admission to Class 1


The Committee for draw of lots comprises of the following 5 members:

1.Principal – Convener

2.Teacher – To be nominated by the Principal

3.&4. - Two parents (one lady) and one parent has to be from the candidates to be considered under section 12 (1) (c) of RTE Act 2009

5. VMC member – to be nominated by the Chairman VMC

Chairman was requested to nominate a VMC member for draw of lots.

The Chairman nominated Group Captain Senthil Kumar as the VMC member for the Committee for draw of lots.


Purchase of Sports Kits, medals and printing of Certificates for Regional / National Sports Meet 2018

Principal informed that KV AFS Avadi has been chosen to head the Purchase Committee of the Regional Sports Control Board of Chennai region to procure

a)      Medals and Certificates for KVS Regional Sports Meet 2018

b)      Track Suit and other items for KVS National Sports Meet 2018

Timely procurement of articles and their distribution to all the 49 KVs located in the Chennai region was to be done.

The Assistant Commissioner, KVS RO Chennai was also overseeing the process.

All the purchases were to be approved by the Chairman VMC KV AFS Avadi hence the Chairman was requested to depute a VMC member to be a part of the purchase procedure.

The Chairman nominated Wing Commander S S Baig to be a member for the Sports Kit procurement Committee.


 Walk in interview for Contractual

 teachers for the session 2018-19.



 A walk in interview for selection of contractual teachers (2018-19) for Avadi cluster for the following subjects would be held on 09-03-2018 from 09.00am to 12.00 noon

a. Post Graduate Teachers in all subjects        

b. Trained Graduate Teachers –all subjects   

c.  PRTs

d. Computer Instructor

e.  Data entry operators

f. Coaches (Art/Sports/ Music)

g. Tamil Teacher

 An advertisement had been published in the Hindu newspaper on 04-03-2018.  KV AFS Avadi was the venue for conducting interviews for the KVs of Avadi cluster in all the subjects.

            In this connection Chairman was requested to kindly nominate one VMC Member for the conduct of walk in interview on 09-03-2018 from 09.00am to 12.00 noon.


The Chairman nominated Group Captain Senthil Kumar as the VMC member for the conduct of interviews for Contractual teachers.


Any other matter with the permission of the Chairman

i)                    Contribution by the Alumni – Fixing of a RO Plant of capacity 250 LPH for Primary students by the end of this month.

ii)                  Prof Sivaramakrishnan,Eminent member for Art & Culture suggested that interdisciplinary activities such as art & history, art & music can be taken up with the help of resource persons.


iii)                Chairman asked the parent members whether they were satisfied with the quality of teaching and whether any grievances were there.





iv)                Chairman informed that an announcement may be made that whichever parent desired to be a member in the VMC he/she may drop their name in the box provided. In the morning assembly in front of everyone. A student may be asked to draw out the lot for deciding the parent members of VMC.


i) Chairman expressed his happiness and said that the Alumni should purchase AMC for 3 years for the RO Plant.


ii) Principal informed that under ‘Tarunotsav’ a programme for the students of Class X, his help would be taken.


iii) Mrs.Suja Thankam said that she was happy with the quality of education being given in the Vidyalaya. She said that she regularly interacted with the teachers and Principal and sought their guidance whenever required. 



iv) The Principal thanked the Chairman for the thoughtful suggestion and said that it would be implemented for the year 2018-19


Vote of thanks

Principal conveyed her whole hearted gratitude to the Chairman VMC for his judicious advice and his words of encouragement. She thanked all the VMC members for their strong support and willingness to assist the  Vidyalaya in all the areas



Signature of VMC Members







Air Cmde Amar Ahuja

AOC, Air Force Station







Gr.Capt A V Aglawe


Representative of Gp. Capt. Sathish Balachandran

C ADM O, Airforce Station

Nominee Chairman



GP. Capt. G Senthil Kumar

Senior Education Officer, AFS Station Avadi


Educationist Member



Shri. Abhishek Sharma

GE, MES , Avadi

Technical member





F/o MU Nethra, Class V-C

Parent Member



Smt. Suja Thankam


M/o Sneha XI A

Parent Member



Dr. Vinoth

Representative of          Gp Capt AG Nair, Senior Medical Officer

Eminent Medical Doctor



Smt. R.Suguna

PGT(Phy), KV AFS Avadi

Teacher Member



Smt. Sundari Krishnamurthy

Principal, KV AFS Avadi

Member Secretary