Adventure Club



There were 10 students each from Bangalore, Chennai, Raipur, Hyderabad and Ernakulam region


 *_Day 0_*

Reported at  Kv Karwar  around 2:30 pm on 23rd June 2018  . There were 10 students each from Bangalore, Chennai, Raipur, Ernakulam region. We got to know each other and then we  took small walk  around the campus after that we had a football match between Bangalore Region and Chennai Region as a part of recreational sports.

 _*Day 1*_ 

It was a bright morning and we started of to  harbor where we  visited INS Makar and it's crew, who took us around the ship .they explained us about hydrology, mapping, Surveying and  how the various components worked on the ship. INS MAKAR was a double hull ship ,one of it's kind in India and there are only few in Asia. They served us lunch on the ship and then we got a chance to witness shiplift. To briefly tell about shiplift 

 1)the base in lowered   

 2)the ship is let inside 

 3)divers go in and check if everything is ok

 4)the base is lifted up at 1metre/3mins then the ship is laterally shifted at 3metre/min 

 5)the required work is done then it is lowered back to the sea. 

Later we were taken to the fabrication and engineering  department where all  the works are done.  After that we  headed back to the campus. 

 We had evening tea with some snacks followed by a football match 

 *_Day 2_* 

 We went to Anjadweep Islands. we had to walk a kilometer on a bridge which was built by the indian navy . It was a very important part for the Indian Navy.  In 1419  Vaso Di Gama came to India(near calicut). on his way back  his boat developed a hole  so they halted in that islands for a year and then went back. The peciular thing about this islands is that this was the place where  the European flag was first flown and it was also the last place where the European flag was flown in our country. Another interesting fact is that it was under the control of Europeans even after 1947 then the Indian Navy conducted a operation in ___(1)___ and finally it gained  freedom__. When we walked on that bridge we actually walked from Karnataka to Goa as that islands belonged to South Goa 

 Later  a PPT was presented by the education officer telling us about  the way in which people are commissioned to the Indian Navy

 After that we had our recreational sports


 *_Day 3_* 

 We were taken on local sight seeing we visited  chapel __(2)___ .it is actually a decommissioned ship  which is coverted into a _____(2)___ after that we headed to the rock gardens were many life size statues were placed and also a play area for seniors  and we ended the sight seeing with a  visit karwar beach .

 We came back and had the day's dose of recreational sport 

 Once that was over we went to local food centre where everyone had a food of their own  choice 

 *_Day 4_* 

 We started our journey to Kaiga nuclear power plant. we reached there around __(3)__ since there is a tight security it took another 30mins to get inside then we were taken to the canteen where food was served . Then we headed to the seminar  room where a lecture was delivered by the head of the plant .We were shown  simulator room where the new recruits and members from different nuclear plants were thought how to handle disaster at the plant . then we had a presentation on how exactly does a nuclear plant works

 By the time everything was over it was 5pm.

 It was another two hours journey back to the campus


*_Day 5 -the last day of the camp_*

We had  breakfast and we headed to have the high tea  with the Commanding officers and other navy staff and to concluded the camp a boating expendition